Jeremy + Lindsey

I arrived before her, which usually doesn’t happen on a wedding day. But nervous to shoot at a new location, I wanted to check out the venue before the day began. So when Lindsey showed up at the Faith, Hope, + Charity Vineyard and Event Center last Saturday afternoon, I joined her bridesmaids in a unified squeal of excitement over the arrival of the bride. Lindsey, with her hair styled by the Envy Salon and makeup applied by Tangerine Salon, represented everything a giddy and glowing bride should. As she slipped into her Watters gown and her mother carefully secured every last button on the dress, Lindsey’s bridesmaids looked on with undeniable joy. Everyone knew the day had finally come for Lindsey to marry her best friend and true love. And when Jeremy saw Lindsey for the first time at Smith Rock State Park, it was almost as if the whole world stood still. Watching, smiling, crying tears of joy as Lindsey and Jeremy began their journey together as husband and wife.

As mentioned above the day began at the breathtaking Faith, Hope, & Charity Event Center amidst fields of wildflowers and an antique Ford truck.

Any time the morning begins with a pair of Badgley Mishka's I know it's going to be a great wedding day. Add to that a divine bouquet from Sara of Blue Daffodil and my day couldn't get any better. Sara provided all of the wedding flowers, which as you'll see later in the post were exquisite.

Jeremy seeing Lindsey for the first time...

Because much of Lindsey + Jeremy's relationship began while rock climbing at Smith Rock, it was especially important to the couple that they had pictures at the park. This meant trading designer heels for running shoes as Lindsey hiked down the steep and dusty trail in her wedding gown. In 85 degree midday sun. Before the wedding ceremony! Lindsey, in my book you're Superwoman.

I'm so glad we did hike down because it meant we were able to take pictures like this...

...and this.

Lindsey, you are beautiful.

After making our way back to Faith, Hope, & Charity we had time to grab a few pictures of the truly lovely bridal party.

Tate + Tate Catering provided a delectable variety of food during the cocktail and dinner hours. I've been lucky enough to eat many a Tate + Tate meal and the amazing thing is I've yet to try something I don't like.

These are two of my favorite details from the day (okay, every detail was my favorite from the day). The cake on the right was handmade from paper by Lindsey's mother, Kim, and topped with Lindsey's grandparent's cake topper! And the forks on the left? Those would be 'bride' and 'groom' engraved silver with the couple's wedding date on the stems. I need.

Brace yourselves. If you're anything like me these pictures will leave you with some serious flower lust. Someday I'm going to fashion myself a lifestyle where it's possible to have Sara send me new arrangements each week.

Lindsey and Kim reserved the most beautiful assortment of polished antique silverware. All of the tables were adorned with platters, pitchers, and goblets of sterling silver.

There are a hundred reasons why this wedding was a photographer's dream to shoot, one of them being the eagerness Lindsey + Jeremy had for portrait time. After guests began dancing we slipped away for a few more pictures in the dewy evening light.

Stop. Just stop.

Afterward we jumped right back into the party with the most awesome bouquet toss, ever.

A few pretty evening lights and a few pretty guests.

And one last dance...

Lindsey, I know I say this a lot, but I really do feel honored that you asked me to shoot your wedding. As a fellow artist you know how important photography is to remembering this most special day in your lives. Know that I did not take the responsibility lightly. Your wedding was equally as beautiful as it was meaningful and it’s weddings like yours that make me want to photograph brides + grooms every day of the year. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. You and Jeremy really do make a wonderful couple!

Love, Michelle