Jessie :: Virginia Portrait Photography

If you've read this blog for long enough you've no doubt seen me mention Jessica Smith Photography. Nearly every weekend last summer, if I wasn't shooting my own wedding or out of town on an adventure, you could find me shooting alongside Jessie. I met Jessie at my first WPPI just over a year ago and, no joke, asked if she would be my friend! Can a person really get any more pitiful?! But, true to her style, Jessie welcomed me into her life with open arms and allowed me to second shoot with her for the entire summer. Weekend after weekend I spent my entire Saturday with Jessie and got to know just how beautiful of a person she was, inside and out. She never tired of my endless business questions and always replied with honest and open answers - something I so appreciated. I've realized there are two types of photographers; ones who guard everything they know in fear of being surpassed, and those who give their knowledge freely and in confidence. Jessie most certainly falls under the latter category and I think it's a reflection of the person she is inside - a girl who is selfless, kind, and beautiful. Jessie, I seriously cannot believe you asked me to take your pictures! I can't thank you enough for all the kindness you've showed me over the last year, it truly means the world to me (and then some). I really, really, really like you and I wish you didn't live so many states away. I just, well, miss you.

Juuuust stop.

Our backdrop for the day was pretty amazing. I felt like we had walked straight into a scene from Anne of Green Gables (which, for me, was a total dream).

These next photos make my heart melt. Jessie, you are gorgeous.

Jessie loves horses so we did the shoot at the stable where her mom's horse is boarded. Obviously Cordento (le horse) is a total hunk.

These next pictures are for a project Jessie is working on. Fortunately for me Jessie not only plays the guitar but she also sings like an angel and serenaded me as we took pictures. This job I have? It's so rough.

And I'll end with my favorite picture from our day. At least I think it is. It's a close tie between, well, all of them, but I think this one is my favorite. I can't help but smile every time I look at it.