David + Allison :: A Hay-Adams Wedding

As I walked into the bridal suite at Washington D.C.'s Hay-Adam's hotel last Sunday afternoon the room was abuzz with a mixture of Jay-z music and giddy squeals. And there, beneath the window light, Allison sat as her maid of honor placed the finishing touches on her make-up. She was anxious, but not in the nervous type of way. More so in a way that said she was excited to see David, the man she would finally be spending her forever with. As she slipped into her dress and fastened her veil, her mother and bridesmaids watched as the anxious feelings began to disipate. And as they waited for the fifth floor elevator to take them to the hotel lobby, they asked if she was ready to see her groom. Without hesitation Allison's reply was a resounding yes! Last Sunday David and Allison married in front of of their family and friends at the Top of the Hay. As they stood, looking down on the capitol city they had so fallen in love with, they promised to be honest, faithful, and true. And then, in true Jewish fashion, David broke glass amidst the claps, cheers, and Mazel tovs of their loved ones...

The couple's first time seeing one another on the wedding day.

A few portraits in the park {and special cameo by the President's home}.

Ohhhh you two are perfect.

We stayed in the park for a few bridal party pictures. And this bridal party? They're the sweetest, most wonderful group of bridesmaids and groomsmen on the planet. Honest.

Allison's dreamy peony + english rose bouquet by Helen Olivia.

After portraits we returned to the bridal suite for the Ketubah signing...

...and then made our way upstairs for the ceremony and customary breaking of the glass.

The view from the Top of the Hay is absolutely incredible. We even watched President Obama fly in on his helicopter during the dinner hour. The timing could not have been planned better.

The gorgeous cake, modeled after Allison's dress, made by Kendall's Cakes.

A stolen kiss in the elevator...

...and the party begins!

David and Allison, thank you doesn't even come close to expressing the gratitude I have for you. I feel so privileged to have been the one that photographed your incredible day. If I had it my way I would spend the entire year shooting your wedding - weekend after weekend after weekend. Thank you for inviting me into your lives and allowing me to capture this special time. I hope you feel the same joy seeing your pictures that I felt taking them.

With love, Michelle