Hello America!

It's official. Last night Colton and I started the 2700 mile trek to our new home. While we had a painfully tardy start and are driving a vehicle 28ft. longer than anticipated, we're still smiling. Partially because the truck/trailer/truck contraption we're driving is akin to the Beverly HillBilly's meets an 18 wheel semi truck. But also because we like each other and the thought of spending a week adventuring across the country sounds fun to us. Speaking of people who like each other, last week we were graced with the company of Colton's parents. We spent a whole week drinking strong coffee, talking about ridiculous things Colton did as a kid, and exploring the areas the Cross's enjoyed when they lived here. While our attempts at being stealthy photographers were entirely in vain, we did manage to get a few shots of the happy couple during our last walk on the beach. If there was a word that encompassed being beautiful, cute, lovey, and happy I would totally use it to describe Neal + Kristy. Something like, beauticutalovappy? Yeah, like that.

Happy day,