Adventures in Driving West

This is the second time since we've been married (last year) that Colton and I have made the move from one side of the country to the other. Fortunately for us it will also be the last for awhile. Though it isn't to say that I don't enjoy these moves, it's actually quite the opposite. I've come to realize that I wouldn't do well living in one place for too long. I start to get antsy - anxious even, and cannot help but look toward the next place (and next adventure) we'll live. Last week's move didn't disappoint in the adventure department. We spent the better part of five days driving the open road, seeing America's heartland, and enjoying one another's company. While I wasn't especially great at documenting our trip, I did manage to get a few shots of each state we passed through. They're the proof that I've actually been to these places. When I was little I collected key chains from each new place I visited. I even picked them up from the airports I passed through which I tend to think is cheating. Anyway, I guess photographs are the new key chains. In my world.

This is how our trip began. Colton doing man work to the truck(s) while I took pictures of the surrounding, completely dilapidated areas.

And then it was my turn to play. This was one of those times in our life where Colton had to take one for the team. The marriage team. We were driving through Asheville, North Carolina, home of the Biltmore, and I really, really wanted to stop and see the estate. Technically it's just a big house (America's largest, actually) on a pretty piece of land whose heirs have found a way to charge money to tour it. But people, it's a pretty house and it's old and it has 75 rooms and a million gardens you can walk through. Essentially it's a castle and, if even for an hour, I was given a free (err, somewhat costly) pass to be a princess. You read that right, deep down I wish I was a princess.

The fantastic surprise in this detour came when Colton thoroughly enjoyed himself. It turns out we were both ogling over the architecture and impressive design. The estate really is a beauty to behold and I've officially added it to the list of venues I'm dying to shoot at. Please, somebody get married here.

Our next layover was Memphis, Tennessee. I wish I could say we did a ton of exploring, but the truth is that we crashed at the first hotel we came to. I did manage to get these shots as we passed through the home of rock n' roll but sadly they only leave me wishing for more. Next time, Memphis. I promise I'll come back for you.

And then we made it to Arkansas. The state in which we failed to divert from I-40 once. I don't even recall stopping for gas, which is equal parts impressive and pathetic.

Ooooklahoma!!!! I'm weird, I know this, but sometimes the things I choose to get excited about are extra weird. I seriously could.not.wait to get to Oklahoma last week. For what reason, I'm not entirely sure. All I know is that from the moment we left home I was counting down the miles until we reached the pan handle state. And from the moment we crossed the border into said state I couldn't, for the life of me, stop singing about buffalo. Colton insisted upon being the ultimate of Debbie Downers by telling me buffalo weren't actually involved in any song about Oklahoma. Then he told me Home on the Range didn't refer to any state in particular. Then I got mad and refused to talk to him for a few hundred miles.

And then I found a buffalo!!

After Oklahoma City welcomed us with the best steak dinner of my life, we were on the road once again headed for Texas. We made it just in time to fill up the tank at this gem and to be tempted by a 72oz steak. ...I'm all for a good meal, but 72oz just sounds painful.

Texas was nice though we didn't stay long enough to see the daylight. Instead we spent our third night on the road just inside New Mexico. And, in her own way, she was beautiful.

Before we knew it we were in Arizona and rejoicing over the fact that we were one state short of our destination. We experienced blue skies and a serious bout with the wind while driving through this strangely fascinating land.

One of my favorite shots from our trip.

And then, finally, we saw the mountains. Nothing screams 'Welcome to the West Coast' quite as loudly as the snow laden Cascades. Mmm it's good to be back!

We made it! While I've enjoyed these past few weeks away from my daily routine, I'm ready to get back into the swing of things. Tomorrow we're catching the first flight out of Orange County and are headed to Oregon for a few engagement sessions and client meetings. If you're an OC resident and are in need of a new coffee companion or walking partner, please hollaa back. I'm here and ready to party. Or play. Or just drink coffee.

Happy day,