Craig + Tara :: A Georgetown Engagement

They're the type of couple a photographer dreams about booking. The bride is gorgeous, the groom handsome, and they're both excited about life, love, and, more importantly, each other. I booked Craig and Tara's May wedding having never met the duo. This made me both extremely excited and insanely nervous to finally meet them for engagement pictures last Saturday. After 48 (no exaggeration, forty-eight) emails back and forth, I already felt like I knew Tara. But after a few hours roaming the Georgetown streets in some gorgeous evening light, I can now say that not only do I know Tara, but I love her. If you knew her you'd love her too. Her contagious smile, her infectious laughter, her down-to-earth nature - she's really just great. What's more is that there couldn't be a more perfect match for Tara than Craig. Craig is patient, kind, funny, and never fails to remind Tara that she looks beautiful. It's evident that these two were made for each other. But not like salt is made for pepper or butter is made for bread. No, they're even more perfect than that. They're Craig and Tara.

We started out the afternoon on the Georgetown waterfront and couldn't have asked, begged, or pleaded for a more amazing day. It was obvious that someone high up was a big fan of this couple.

A special thanks to the Aveda Salon + Spa in Georgetown for making Tara's hair and makeup extra fabulous.

Oh, please! Just stop.

Craig insisted that he couldn't take a good picture. And I'm all, 'Uh-huh, riiiight'.

Goodness, Tara! You're absolutely stunning.

After a quick change we took advantage of the bright colors Georgetown has to offer.

And a few last shots on the waterfront. LoveLOVElove the love in this one.


Craig and Tara, thank you, thank you, and thank you again for asking me to capture this time in your life. You really are great and I could not be any more excited for your wedding this spring.

All my love (and then some),