Good Homes + Excuses :: Life

'But they need a good home!' It's what I say when I've found something I really want to buy but can't find a way to justify. Those shoes? They're so lonely without a loving closet to live in. These letterpress thank you cards? They're so sad without a place to call their own. And this heart shaped cake pan? It's really just yearning for a happy family to take her home.

So yesterday, when Colton was wondering why I felt the need to buy an assortment of flowers and a new pair of earrings, my response was simple - they really just begggged to come home with me.

I've been known to suffer from buyer's remorse. If you're not familiar it's the awful pit in your stomach felt after buying, say, gladiator sandals circa summer 2008. They're cool in the store and yet painfully un-cool once you get them back home. I digress. Today I'm happy to say I'm still 100% confident in my purchases, especially the earrings which loosely resemble a pastel puffer fish hung from chains of gold. These puppies are totally still cool at home.

Happy Monday,