Joe and Jill :: North Dakota Wedding Photography

She was easily one of the most calm and relaxed brides I’ve ever met. Or at least Jill appeared that way when she, along with her mother and two gorgeous bridesmaids, arrived at the University of North Dakota Hughes Fine Arts Center last Thursday afternoon. With dress in hand she was ready to finally see Joe, the handsome man she would get to spend forever with. If you hadn’t watched the news Thursday morning you would never have believed the wind chill factor breathed temperatures of thirty degrees below zero. Or that the hundred car pile up between Grand Forks and Fargo had caused a travel disaster of epic proportions. For those in the presence of Joe and Jill, nothing could mask the overwhelmingly warm emotions of love and joy as the pair promised their lives, and their hearts, to one another.

Joe and Jill, thankyouthankyouthankyou for flying me and Colton to Grand Forks, North Dakota in the middle of winter to photograph your wedding. I cannot rightfully express in words just how incredibly welcoming your family was. From the moment we stepped off the plane we were greeted with such warm embraces that it was actually impossible not to feel like family. Thank you for introducing us to your favorite local food joints {Red Pepper and Rhombus were ohmygoshsoamazing} and for taking us on a VIP tour of the Engelstad arena {coolest hockey arena EVER}. You truly made us feel like the most special wedding photographers in the universe and you made us realize just how thankful we are to call you friends.

Congratulations and million times over and really, thank you.

Jill, I know I said it somewhere around a hundred times on your wedding day, but you are seriously stunning. Like, I can't stop looking at this picture of you, stunning.

I love these images of Jill's mother and bridesmaids pinning up her bustle. Every bride should be this cared for by the women she loves the most.

A touching first look...

...followed by a collection of portraits of one gorgeous couple.

A few more gorgeous girls...

...And a snapshot of a proud father with his precious daughter.

Jill's parents during the ceremony.

After the ceremony we moved to the Lincoln Park golf + country club where the reception was held. The clubhouse had been decorated with the most beautiful collection of Christmas trees and lent itself to the fest holiday aire of the wedding.

The couple's first dance as husband and wife.

And Jill's dance with her father.

And then? Then it was party time!

Happy Thursday,


{P.S. Remember Joe's epic proposal to Jill on the steps of the Lincoln memorial?!}