Gloria Estefan and SNL :: Personal

I love them because they're good people. I love them because they're funny, talented, and couldn't be any more different than myself. Occasionally we'll find commonality in a song {usually by Warren G} or a new Saturday Night Live skit {last year T-Payne and Andy Samberg joined us for Christmas dinner}. But for the most part, we have little in common other than shared memories and a fond admiration for one another. When we were younger we'd split our time between Barbie's and G.I. Joe's. And despite having the obvious advantage, my brothers were gracious enough to join me at dressing up in thrift store finds and orchestrating fashion shows in the hallway. While they still feel the need to remind me, it's okay because I know, full well, that I was spoiled. And while our world views, political views, and views on the best grocery store to frequent will most likely never align, I love these boys so fiercely it's a miracle they haven't suffocated from my stifling embrace. They are and always will be my most favorite big brothers in the universe. Given the opportunity I could not have hand picked more perfect individuals to share my childhood with. They taught me to laugh and they showed me what good music really was {even though I swore Gloria Estefan would always be my hero}. They forced me to try the most scary rides at the county fair, but they held my hand and told me it was okay to be afraid when I started crying at the top. And without fail they were present for every ballet recital I ever performed in.

I know I had it easiest. Being the youngest of three and the only girl really does set one up for success. But without these guys I wouldn't be half the person I am today. At the least I would be a much whiner, poor movie tasting, bad 90's pop music listening version of myself.

Happy Tuesday!