Charleston :: Travel Adventures

We slept in, walked forever, and ate at any place whose menu looked intriguing. We held hands, took a million pictures, and drank coffee like it was the end of all time. Our idea of an adventure isn't for everyone. To be completely honest we only really do three things when traveling - but I like to think we do them quite well. We eat, we drink {mostly coffee} and we walk. And after we've done these three things until our bellies are full, our bodies are jittery, and our legs are tired, we read. This weekend Colton and I made the short drive to Charleston, South Carolina where we were absolutely enamored by the old world charm and the absurdly good food. Fortunately for us it was restaurant week in Charleston which means where we would normally choose a couple hor-douvres to share, we now ordered two entrees, a few deserts, and a bottle of wine between the both of us. We really should try to plan our weekend getaways around restaurant weeks as it truly does wonders for the travel budget.

While I didn't do an exceptional job of snapping photos this weekend I did manage to capture a few shots of us doing what we do best - walk, talk, and eat. I hope you enjoy this quick little peek into our weekend adventure and I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday evening. Enjoy!

Colton and I were standing in the middle of the sidewalk {most likely annoying the gaggles of people trying to move forward} when a random passerby asked if she could take our picture - with my camera. It was mildly awkward and totally unexpected, but I ended up swooning over the photos. Thank you, strange + nice person who asked to take our picture. You did a great job and you made my heart happy.

And the vacation staples begin. Drinking good coffee...

...and reading good books.

I thought twice about sharing these pictures with the interweb given the fact that neither Colton nor I look anything remotely close to pleasant. However, they make me laugh every time I look at them and they're proof we're actually the same person in two different forms. Facial expressions and all. {P.S. I swear I didn't know I looked like this when Colton was taking the picture}.

Chess, Alice in Wonderland style, anyone?

I'll end the post with this beauty. Our faces? They're not in focus. This is what I get for putting my camera on a cannon sculpture in the park and using the self-timer to take the picture.

And on that note, where should our next adventure be, Peeps? I can't even wait to start dreaming.