Wild and Crazy :: Life

I found this picture the other day and thought it fitting for a New Year's Eve post. Neither Colton nor I grew up in families where New Year's Eve was celebrated with any sort of great zeal. Occasionally my parents would go out and leave my brothers and I with an assortment of movies, snacks, and lottery tickets to scratch at midnight. And occasionally I made it to midnight and happily enjoyed my date with Dick Clark and that sparkly magic ball. We were a real riot. Last year the holiday fell two nights before our wedding day and in celebration we gathered all of our friends and family who had traveled for the wedding. Exhaustion from the weeks and months of preparation had been mounting for days and roughly around 10pm Colton and I thought it would be the ideal time to fall asleep in the living room. What kind of people fall asleep at their own New Year's Eve party?! For real, Internet, we are crazy, crazy, people. Wild and crazy.

{please excuse the painfully bad scan}

Happy New Year, Y'all,