Best of 2010 :: Engagements

It's hard to explain just how much I love shooting engagement sessions. Aside from the fact that I get to have a ridiculously in love, totally fun couple in front of my camera, engagement sessions give me an opportunity to really get to know the bride and groom. A wedding is such a monumental time in a person's life and it's crucial that both the bride and groom really, really, really like the people they choose to surround themselves with - photographer included. By setting aside time to grab coffee, chat about life, and run around town taking fresh, genuine, beautiful pictures, a couple is able to truly get to know me, the girl who will be hanging out with them on their wedding day. What's more is that I am able to truly get to know the couple and because of this am better able to capture who they are as people. Photography is more than simply catching an act in time, it's capturing an emotion in time. The emotion felt by two people in love as they promise to spend forever by each other's side.