A Happy Thanksgiving :: Personal

Today was a good day. A great day, really. At 9:15 last night I decided I wanted to have a real Thanksgiving - complete with cranberry, and pie{s}, and homemade rolls, and stuffing. At 9:20 I made a shopping list and by 9:32 we were on our way to the store where I sorted through over-picked shelves to fill our cart with turkey day goods. Except for, well, a turkey. Colton and I can't put away a full bird on our own and the single cornish game hen in the freezer was screaming to be the perfect substitution anyway. I awoke this morning to the ocean breeze and the sound of waves crashing against the sand. And I was thankful. For today, for this home on the beach, for this handsome man sleeping beside me, and for this crazy adventure of a life I've been given. Sometimes I want to stay in bed longer just so I can soak it all in. But then, on days like today, Mimosas and the Macy's day parade call my name and I get up from beneath the covers to make green bean casserole. Because for me? For me making green bean casserole sounds like the most wild and bizarre adventure around.

After eating our miniature turkey we took a much needed walk on the beach. And again, I was thankful. For the sand on my toes, for the endless abyss of ocean, and for the warmth of the sun on my face.

Today was definitely a good day.

I hope you've had a wonderful Thanksgiving,