Sarah :: 2011 Senior Portraits

She's talented, funny, gorgeous, and humble - four characteristics hard to come by in a high school girl. Sarah agreed to meet me at 6am so we could shoot her senior portrait session and catch the stunning morning light before her nine-o-clock soccer practice. Any person willing to get gussied up prior to the rise of the sun wins major bonus points in my book. Sarah, thank you a million times over for letting me take your pictures. I've been looking forward to your shoot since your mom contacted me back in June and you didn't come close to disappointing me. Quite the opposite, actually. With your natural beauty and contagious smile I could take pictures of you all. day. long. Good luck with soccer...and cross country, and skiing, and track, and all of your A.P. classes. And life - though with the incredible future that lay ahead of you, I know you won't need luck at all.

I think these next four images are my favorite. So beautiful.

Happy Tuesday,