John + Abby :: Virginia Wedding Photography

One great thing about being a wedding photographer is seeing the wide array of wedding possibilities available to brides and grooms. There are formal affairs in a gorgeous church with a hotel reception, private ceremonies on a relative's property, and over the top outdoor celebrations at the local country club. While I would be hard pressed to find a wedding I didn't truly, truly love, there are some days when I just know I'm going to be head over heels for a wedding. From the moment Jessie and I arrived at the Chanco retreat in Hampton Roads, I knew Abby + John would be throwing a party that was close to my heart. From the towering aspen and birch trees lining the gravel road, to the winding paths leading us through the woods to the outdoor reception pavilion, Saturday's wedding was my kind of affair. Add an incredible live band, amazing food, Argentine wines, and guests who were wild about dancing and I was one happy photographer! Jessie, thank you for bringing me along and John + Abby, thank you for sharing your beautiful day with us. It was such an honor.

John + Abby planted these peppers, along with a handful of other vegetables, in a garden on the property. How beautiful is that?!

Happy Day,