Thermal Springs in Slovakia

Can you tell I have travel on my mind? Maybe it's because we're leaving for London next week. Or maybe it's that the middle of winter always leaves me itching for an adventure. Either way I'm happy to share pictures from my last trip out of the country.

Colton and I are blessed to have parents we not only enjoy spending time with, but also mesh well with when it comes to travel style (high fives for spontaneous trips we don't plan for!). Next week we're flying across the pond to meet his mom and dad (and brother and sisters!) in England. And last May my mom and I rented a car and drove ourselves all over central Europe in an effort to find the tiny (so tiny) Slovakian village my grandparents were born in. These pictures are from a day trip to the hot springs town of Piestany. This sleepy little city stole our hearts as we relaxed in thermal pools, lived it up in a bath robe, and ate Kolache until our stomachs hurt. It was le perfect ladies trip.