Jason + Josselyn

I’ll admit I have a knack for finding myself some pretty excellent friends. I first met Josselyn this summer when I asked her to second shoot for me. She’s an uber talented photographer who recently moved to Bend with her husband, Jason, knowing absolutely nobody and having zero job lined up - something that makes her and Jason the world’s bravest and most courageous couple, ever.  Josselyn agreed to assist at my wedding and I paid her by second shooting at one of her weddings a few weeks later. I then begged her to be my friend and continue having coffee with me as often as possible.

A few weeks ago the three of us grabbed our cross-country skis and spent the afternoon making our way to a warming shelter just outside of town. We spent a few minutes taking pictures in the snow and basking in the beauty that is Central Oregon in the winter.

In the past three weeks I’ve skied to a portrait session, fly fished the Metolius for an engagement shoot, and climbed a mountain for a family session. It’s all making me want to believe my clients are hiring me for my athletic prowess. …Or something like that.