Matt & Lacey

She was the first to notice him, though she did have the distinct advantage being perched atop the campus balcony one Hilo afternoon with her roommate, Sammy. And while it wasn’t uncommon for Lacey and Sammy to sit and scope out the University of Hawaii, Hilo’s most eligible and study, something about Matt was different. It wasn’t long before Matt, handsome, funny, baseball-playing Matt, found an eye for Lacey as well. After all, a girl as kind and genuine and sinfully beautiful as Lacey doesn’t go unnoticed for long...

Matt and Lacey were married on the beach, in the sand, without their shoes, at Kona’s King Kamehameha hotel. And while the pre-wedding weather had done everything in it’s power to convince Lacey that there would be rain, on the day of the wedding someone had other plans. As the beach-layers and sun-tanners were cleared from the ceremony site, the clouds made a clearing as well. Leaving room for the most beautiful rays of Hawaiian sun to grace the newlyweds with its presence.

Lacey and Matt, thank you. For the kindness you showed me throughout your wedding and the entire week beforehand, I am so grateful. And above all, thank you for bringing me to Hawaii to join you on your incredible day. It was an honor to witness you two become husband and wife.

Lots of love! Michelle

This would be how Matt looks at Lacey all the time...

I lovelovelovelovelove, Love. Especially when it looks like this...

Lacey and Matt had the best (but really, the best) bridal party. All of their bridesmaids and groomsmen were so kind and fun and ridiculously photogenic. And they all went out of their way to welcome me. Leaving me to feel as though I'd just made 18 new best friends.

At the end of night Lacey's family friend, Rosemary, surprised everyone by performing the most beautiful traditional Hawaiian Hula. And if you were listening carefully, you would have heard guests exchange whispers of the fairytale evening before them.

Matt & Lacey

A picture perfect kiss from a picture perfect wedding on the Hawaiian sands of Kona.